About Us

Setting new boundaries

While our history within the industry goes back as far as 1890, our focus on technology and progress on the hardness testing machine development has significantly evolved in the past decades.

Recognized and trusted by scientist, engineers, laboratories and the general metal and plastics industry worldwide, INNOVATEST products and services for hardness testing procedures are continuously setting new boundaries.

Test and product development professionals rely on INNOVATEST to create and optimize their designs. Around the world, test engineers in laboratories recognize our highly efficient hardness testing machines and software to be used for a wide range of components and materials.

Whether your need is to evaluate advanced components made of steel, alloys or plastic, used for commercial transportation vehicles, air-and space crafts, bridges, or buildings, orthopedic or dental labs, or you want to secure testing procedures for standard production parts or in-line testing, INNOVATEST hardness testing solutions make possible many of the innovations required by the fast changing world around us.

Our presence around the world supports customers with sophisticated supply chain management to obtain really comparable testing results, regardless of the location. For the most demanding professionals and laboratories, our new range of standardizing or reference hardness testers are no longer exotic products, but just a part of our general supply range.

We invite you to discover and explore our leading range of hardness testing machines and the excellent service capabilities for installation and after sales service support.