NEXUS 3200
Brinell Hardness tester

NEXUS 3200


Automatic Brinell  hardness tester with Brinell indent optical scanner (BIOS) and automatic measurement.


Scales: Brinell

Test Forces: 62.5kgf – 3000kgf

Microscope: BIOS Brinell Indent Optical Scanner

Load App. System: Fully automatic, Load cell, closed loop, force feedback

Control/Display: IMPRESSIONS™ LT, 6.5” industrial touchscreen

Software: No. of tests, Mean, St. Deviation, Min., Max., Range, CP, CPk, individual readings list, storage memory, Dwell time, test force setting, scale selection, calibration etc.

Z-Axis: Manual

Clamp: Clamp to protect indenter and fix workpiece to anvil or stage

Workpiece Acc.: 220mm (H) X 220mm (D)

Anvils: Anvils, stages, accessories as per detailed catalogue