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General Info

If you are in need of any immediate advice or assistance with regards to any of our products, contact the INNOVATEST support desk. In many cases, the support desk can offer immediate assistance to answer any questions you might have or solve any problem fast and effectively.

Sales & Demo

INNOVATEST products are currently distributed in over 80 countries worldwide.
The sales of all products are organized locally via INNOVATEST subsidiaries or local distributors.

Make your appointment for A PERSONAL ONLINE Innovatest product demonstration.

Welcome to contact us for an on-line demonstration of our hardness testing machines.

Send us your samples and tell us how you want them tested. Our application specialist will offer several options of tester/accessory combinations, results from testing, reports and express any cost benefits associated with each possible selection of hardness tester.  We will schedule an online real-time demonstration so you can see and witness the “Most technically advanced hardness testers” in action with your samples. Results to be tested and watch online or offline how one or more of our machines can test your samples.

Have one of our application specialists provide you with a live demonstration of one or more of our hardness testing machines and their accessories.

We are supporting multiple desktop sharing system solutions for LIVE demo’s like, but not limited to: Microsoft Teams, Skype, or TeamViewer.

For more details:
Connect directly with our sales office, or connect with your local distributor for more information or to make an appointment.



Hardness testing instruments operate at peak performance when professionally installed in your workshop or laboratory. While most of the INNOVATEST machines are prepared to a degree of ‘’plug and play’’ level, they should be verified against calibration standards after each transportation. This is regardless of whether this movement is internal or external transportation.

If the testers are transported by road, rail or air  from one to the another location, they need to be packed in their original (mostly) wooden crate and secured to the bottom of the crate. Air transportation can be expensive and therefore Innovatest delivers a lightweight crate that can be totally disassembled and stored for later use.

INNOVATEST has factory trained service teams located around the world to assist in the proper installation of your hardness tester. Our world wide distributors are trained to be experts in installing and providing operational training making sure your team has the most productive and knowledgeable experience with our products. Let us know how we can help you!

Our experienced service team can advise you on how to move your tester or better, take care of the detailed planning, transport preparation, reinstalling, calibration and certification of your tester. Don’t hesitate to ask for our free advice. Nearly world-wide, we are local to you!

The instructions in this video can be found pleasantly useful.



INNOVATEST products are currently distributed in over 80 countries worldwide. The sales of all products is organized locally via INNOVATEST subsidiaries or local distributors.

A professional team of product specialists and commercial advisors offer a wide range of sales and technical training to our own staff and to distributors all over the world, to best meet the needs of our customers.
End User training is usually organized locally at end user facilities.



Product registration

Please use the form below to register your INNOVATEST® product.

Software Updates

Reducing your down time risk. Our service engineers are available to perform a regular check and standard maintenance on any of our testers regardless of the location.

While our machines are covered by lengthy warranty systems, regular service minimizes or possibly eliminates unpleasant surprises.

During the check-up of your hardness tester, our service staff will update the software to the latest revision of applicable standards and releases, should the need arise. Moreover, you can count on the vast experience of our service team to take care of the annual calibration/verification needs of your hardness testing equipment based on your Quality system recall requirements.


Innovatest Warranty vouchers

At INNOVATEST we believe that our business is a ‘’lifestyle’’. This belief results in the world’s best in class hardness testing machines. Our 130+ employees are passionate about our lifestyle and created products and an organization offering a premium user experience and the best manufacturer’s warranty available today.

From the date you install your new hardness tester our standard warranty period is 24 months.

TIP: Select one of the 3 warranty extension packages, see the options below:

White warranty voucher

  • 15 years on the machine base
  • 3 years on mechanics
  • 3 years on all electronics including embedded computer systems
  • 3 years IMPRESSIONS™ workflow software updates
  • No service agreement required!



Gold Warranty voucher

          • 20 years on the machine base
          • 5 years on mechanics
          • 5 years on all electronics including embedded computer systems
          • 5 years IMPRESSIONS™ workflow software updates
          • No service agreement required!



Platinum Warranty Extension voucher

          • 25 years on the machine base
          • 10 years on mechanics
          • 8 years on all electronics including embedded computer systems
          • 10 years IMPRESSIONS™ workflow software updates
          • No service agreement required!



Please ask our sales department for all details.

INNOVATEST Hardness Converter

This page contains most of the information about the INNOVATEST app. We explain the most important functionalities per screen. If you still have questions after reading this page, please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Scan or click the QR-code below and download our INNOVATEST Hardness Converter!




This is the page you will land on after starting the app. You can use the white blocks to quickly navigate to the Products page – Hardness Testers or the Products page – Consumables.

The settings-icon on the top right takes you to the Settings. Here you can change the language of the app and see which version of the app is installed.





Easily convert your hardness values to other scales. First, select the Standard and then choose the Table. Select the Input and enter the value you measured. Easily add multiple Outputs and then click ‘Convert’ to convert the value.

All converted values are automatically saved in My Conversions.




The app will calculate the Hardness, Diagonals and Tolerances for you. Choose the Test Method and Standard, select the Scale you want to use and fill in the Diagonals. Press ‘Calculate’ and the app will calculate the Hardness and Tolerance for you.

You can easily switch between mm and μm by clicking on these abbreviations.

By clicking on the blue arrows you can change Diagonals to Hardness. That way you can calculate the Diagonals or Diameter from the Hardness value.


Visit our full range of products on this page. The Products page consists of Hardness Testers and Consumables. Under Hardness Testers you will find Hardness testers and Portables. Our Consumables consist of Indenters, Reference blocks and Sets.

Each product block consists of a number of buttons; ‘Visit website’, ‘Configure’ and a 360° icon. ‘Visit website’ sends you to the website where all details about the tester are gathered. ‘Configure’ redirects you to the Configurator on our website where you can configure the machine to your liking. Once you have assembled your machine, you can easily request a quote and return to the app.

The 360° icon allows you to view our testers in Augmented Reality. Using the camera of your phone, you can place our models anywhere in the real world and view them from all angles. The scale of our testers is pretty accurate so you immediately get an impression of the size of our machines. By switching to the ‘Object’ tab you can isolate the machine and scale and rotate it as you wish. If you are unable to load a tester, it usually helps to point the camera at a flat surface before clicking the 360 icon. If you move the camera slowly around, it will recognize the surface more easily and automatically load the tester.

Here you can see all our consumables and add them to your shopping basket by pressing ‘+’ or ‘add’. Under ‘Selected items’ you will find all added products and you can request a quotation with one click on the button. You will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail with all selected items.

To remove products from the basket, press ‘-‘ or the ‘X’ in the basket.





On the Contact Us page you will find all our branches and distributors. Clicking on any of our establishments will automatically display all contact information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. If you have other questions regarding our app, please fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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