Brinell Hardness tester



Sturdy, rugged, power-full, for harsh environments

Top of the range Brinell hardness testers with fully automatic indent video measuring system. The NEXUS 3300-3400 FA are equipped with a 6-position motorized turret, with 3 indenter positions, a laser positioning system and 2 LWD objectives with ring lights. The stunning 18 Megapixel video system provides fast crisp images of the indent.

Simply press the START button and the testing result will be displayed automatically. The full test sequence runs automatic. The IMPRESSIONS™ advanced hardness testing software with indent ZOOM function includes many options for scale conversion, file storage, report printing, test program storage and more. Optional motorized CNC XY-stages can be installed for further automation.

Both machines incorporate a large sturdy machine body of over 300 kg, from 365 mm working height (3300) to 485 mm working height (3400).


Scales: Brinell

Test Forces: 31.25kgf – 3000kgf

6 Position Turret: 3 indenters, 2 special Brinell objectives with ring lights and laser positioning system

Camera: 18 Megapixels, Full HD camera system with zoom & auto-focus

Load App. System: Fully automatic, Load cell, closed loop, force feedback

Control: Fully integrated Windows Controller, SSD hard disk, Windows 10 operated, IMPRESSIONS™ advanced workflow software, includes automatic measurement, keyboard & mouse

Display: 15” full color touchscreen

Software: Multi USB, CSV files, single readings, reports, printer

Illumination: Ring lights

Z-Axis: Motorized

Workpiece Acc.: 485mm (H) X 280mm (D)

Anvils: Anvils, stages, accessories as per detailed catalogue