NEXUS 3400(M)
Brinell Hardness tester

NEXUS 3400(M)


Sturdy, rugged, power-full, for harsh environments

The NEXUS 3300-3400 has a fully enclosed body. Dust proof. Can either be accommodated with a manual spindle for semi-automatic testing or with a motorized spindle (the M-model) for fully automatic testing.

The standard included Brinell Indent Optical Scanner (BIOS) can be used on large or small components. One push on the button of the BIOS generates a crisp high definition image of the indent on the large full color touchscreen. Automatic measurement provides instant Brinell readings. The rock solid frame structure, covered with ABS shock absorbers, can withstand the harshest environment.


Scales: Brinell

Test Forces: 62.5kgf – 3000kgf

Microscope: BIOS Brinell Indent Optical Scanner

Load App. System: Fully automatic, Load cell, closed loop, force feedback

Control: Fully integrated Windows Controller, SSD hard disk, Windows 10 operated, IMPRESSIONS™ advanced workflow software, includes automatic measurement

Display: 10.4” industrial touchscreen

Software: Multi USB, CSV files, single readings, reports, printer

Illumination: Power LED

Z-Axis: Manual or motorized. Clamp to protect indenter and fix workpiece to anvil or stage

Workpiece Acc: 3400: 520mm (H) X 280mm (D) 3400M: 485mm (H) X 280mm (D)

Anvils: Anvils, stages, accessories as per detailed catalogue