More accurate measurements with our new range of Rockwell hardness testers accessories

Over the last months our mechanical engineering team has been working on a range of new accessories to improve hardness testing measurements. Our new Jack rest is used when a specimen needs support when measured. This device supports the user as there is no need to hold the specimen in place when measuring it. The Jack rest replaces an additional set of hands and can be used for placing different types of anvils and testing tables.

Another new accessory is the Adjustable Vari rest. This accessory is used when a longer specimen needs to be measured. The counterbalance makes sure that the spindle does not bend, which results in the indenter being perpendicular to the specimen.

The new extra long V-anvil which is used to measure longer round specimen with a diameter between 10mm – 100mm and the extra hardened testing table Ø200mm (61 – 65HRC) complete this new range.