Rockwell Reference Blocks



Block size: 60mm | round

Block material thickness: 10mm

Standard hardness values: 52 / 83

Calibration details: INNOVATEST Rockwell hardness calibration blocks are calibrated & DUAL-certified by UPI Laboratories, accredited by the Dutch National Board of Accreditation and are traceable to National/International standards according to ISO 6508/3 & ASTM-E18 A4.

Calibration environment: (23 ± 2) °C, < 70 %rh

Validity: This reference block is valid for the scale for which it was calibrated. It is recommended to replace reference hardness test blocks every 5 years. Blocks manufactured of Al-alloys and Cu-alloy, should be replaced within 2 to 3 years.

Uncertainty: The expanded uncertainty is based on a standard uncertainty multiplied by a factor (k=2), providing  a confidence level of approximately 95%. The evaluation of the uncertainty is carried out in accordance to International requirements.

Traceability: All measurements involved will be traceable to international applicable standards.